PxCxP (demo)

by Plastic City Pariah

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released 25 September 2013



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Plastic City Pariah San Diego, California

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Track Name: Inner City Dream
It all started with an idea. To build cities with jails and skyscrapers. With first class planes flying over people reading the Sunday paper. Then it all went awry. When those planes started falling out of the sky. And down on to the innocents who live below. Well nobody knows. Cause nobody cares. And you can bet your fucking ass that nobody would dare to challenge them at their own game. There's no winning when your born to loose.
Track Name: Disco With the Schizo
Oh lover it just hurts too much to think about what love has done.To me my friend my enemy. The pain I feel it's plain to see. Is boiling up inside of me. Foaming out my yellow teeth. Dripping wet with pure envy. I swear I think it's killing me. Oh why can't I get over this mess. I don't want to feel like shit anymore.

Lights and camera, action! You've got your fucking stage now.
Actor, acting, actress! Fell in love at first sight.
Walk down long path, hold hands! Tear each others hearts out.
This dance romance is now taking its toll on me.
And I don't have a tolerance for all these tapping shoes and clapping hands.

It seems to me that everything was solely built on defeating the reason in which its conceived. A healing wounds a tragedy. Waiting to be patched up and sewn to reopen a day unknown. I don't know when I don't know why. This race we run just leaves me heaving dry.